Decomposition of Humanity - Sadistic Fetal Extraction


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Label: Ungodly Ruins Productions
Genre: Brutal Death, Grindcore
Location: Russia
Length: 31:15
Year: 2012


2Tasty Blood Clot1:37
3Embryonic Fetish1:18
4Insane Gerontophils Party On Christma Eve2:40
5Remains Became Dinner1:11
6Exhausting Handjob1:33
7Sadistic Fetal Extraction1:56
8Maggots Crawling1:45
9Engulfed In Smelly Abyss1:41
10Litres Of Pure Madness3:08
11Hidden In Oven3:06
12Satisfacted By Crablouses2:16
13Malodorous Hollow Of Degradation2:03
14Diphyllobothrosis Epidemic In Da Nang2:37
15Satan Incarnate's Birthday Or Holidays In The Libyan Village0:47
16Aesthetic Enjoyment At The Sight Of Violence1:48